Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to setup and use RealCall?

To setup RealCall on your smartphone, you can either get it from Google Play, App Store or download it from our official website https://www.realcall.ai/ and finish setup.

To use RealCall on your smartphone, you just need to follow all the steps one by one until it's completely ready on your device. You are also allowed to customize the settings based on your personal demands for better blocking features.

2. How do I enable AI Blocking feature on RealCall?

To enable AI Blocking on RealCall, the steps below can be followed. By the way, AI Blocking feature won't be enabled unless you've subscribed: go to AI-Powered Blocking - Settings - Disenable "Live Voicemail" - Activate the AI-Powered Blocking feature to finish the setup.

3. How do I invite others for the Family Plan?

If you want to invite others for RealCall Family Plan, the invitees need to register for RealCall first (no subscription required). After this, you could find the family sharing feature by going to Settings - Your Account Name - Family Sharing. Then you could follow the steps there to avail it and invite others to your family group.

Note: RealCall Family Plan is temporarily available on iOS only.

4. Why is it important to let RealCall access my Contacts?

Allowing RealCall to access your Contacts aims to guarantee all your unwanted calls can be stopped while all your important calls will be able to reach your phone without any hassle. RealCall promises not to abuse or leak any information concerning your contacts.

5. How do I use RealCall for free?

We’re happy to inform you that you can contact us via email business@uptech.ai to apply for using RealCall for free. RealCall is designed to empower everyone to fight back spam calls. But due to product iteration and resource investment, we need a certain amount of income to support it and hope you can understand.

In addition, if you're senior or old, ask for free RealCall subscriptions from your nursing homes or retirement communities. Our Charitable Giving program protects the old against all spammers and scammers by donating subscriptions to organizations for the old. For more details, go to uptech.ai/charitable-giving.

6. How do I get my subscription back?

If you get into RealCall finding your number is not shown and it still demands you to pay again, while you confirm that you've linked a number as well as make the payment, then you may not in your old account. Here are steps for you to get the account back.

If you link one number with that account, it could be logged back in directly within RealCall by following Settings - My Account - inserting the number with access code. If you just reinstalled RealCall, "Login" on the top right corner of the first page after starting RealCall will help you log in quickly.

If there is no number linked before, you are suggested to enter RealCall first and click "Restore" on any page for purchase. Then your subscription will be recovered.

If the directions above still don't make it, contact us any time.

7. How do I set personal voicemail greetings?

You can set personal voicemail greetings by following the steps: Block Spam Calls on Recent page - View Other Services under AI-Powered Blocking - Voicemail - Record My Greeting.

8. How do I delete my call records?

Please follow the steps below to delete the Call Records:

Open the RealCall app->Go to the Recents page->Long-press/Slide left the call list you want to delete->Tap the remove button to delete it.

9. How do I turn on Silence Unknown Callers?

Please follow the steps as below to check whether "Silence Unknown Callers" is turned on and set it: Settings - Phone - Tap on "Silent Unknown Callers" - Enable it.

10. Will important calls be blocked with RealCall used?

Don't worry. Contact numbers will normally not be blocked by RealCall. If an important number is blocked, please check whether the "Do Not Disturb" model is turned on or not on your phone. You could have further settings for it to Allow Contacts Only while the "Do Not Disturb" model.

If the "Do Not Disturb" model is confirmed not being enabled on your phone, here are other suggestions. After turning on the "Silence Unknown Callers" on iPhone for RealCall settings, it will block non-contact numbers. Thus you are suggested to add the number you care more to your Contacts.

Besides, when the calling number matches the data in our system Blocklist, the call will also be blocked. For this, you are also suggested to add that number to your Contacts or let us know directly by Contacting Us.