Here are some of the reasons why more people are turning to RealCall to stop spam calls and texts from ringing their phones.


Service Domain
Call Block
SMS Block
Known Spammers
Known Yellow Page Numbers
Fight Back
User Ratings
$4.99/mo $39.99/yr
7-Day Free Trial
Mainly the US with Other Countries
Verification Code Identification
Database-Based Blocking
Custom Rules
Machine Learning
User Custom Numbers/Keywords
Fraud SMS Detection
2 Million
200 Million
Include number security, user ID,
address, etc
App Store: 4.5 / Google Play: 4.9
$4.99/mo $49.99/yr
Limited Free Offering
Mainly the US with Other Countries Included
Database-Based Blocking
System List
Custom Numbers/Keywords
Search results include number security alone.
App Store: 4.2
Google Play: 4.0
Verification Code Identification

Verification Code Identification

In terms of call blocking, RealCall relies on Verification Code Identification which is not supported by CallHero that works traditionally based on data-based blocking. RealCall has a database with more than 200 million spam numbers while that of CallHero is unknown, adding uncertainties to the app security. The Verification Code Identification applied by RealCall stops unknown calls from reaching your phone unless they're confirmed by you via a verification code and all the process takes just seconds.

Custom Blocking Rules

Custom Blocking Rules

The Custom Blocking Rules philosophy has been used on both call blocking and text message blocking on RealCall. That allows its users to block calls from any channel or with any label and stop any message with certain keywords. The essential benefit of this feature lies in its high flexibility and convenience ensuring all important calls are able to be well received without being interrupted by those that are not expected.

Fraud SMS Detection

Fraud SMS Detection

Compared with CallHero, another essential advantage of RealCall lies in its fraud SMS detection feature that is able to detect dangerous text message scams based on machine learning and send alerts to stop users from clicking the link contained in messages or replying to them. Whenever a suspicious text message arrives, it'll be instantly detected by RealCall that will notify you at the first moment.

What Do Our Real Users Say About Us?


From 20+ robo calls a day to 0

— HHHa, Feb 14

I have used 2 months! More than 90% spam calls are blocked. I can see them in call history. So I like it, just good!


Best I've found

—JULyy, Feb 24

Love it stopped all those unwanted calls I was getting on daily basis & u can check your calls to see if u want to let someone in that's not on your call list



— 22iuy, Mar 14

If I want to call someone,I will. If I want to purchase something then I will. I'm tired of people calling and or texting me when I don't even know all these people. I'm not being rude to anyone,I just can't spend half of my day with my phone in my hand all day... Just saying