Check reasons why so many people are switching to RealCall to stop spam phone calls and text messages from humming their phones.


Service Domain
Call Block
SMS Block
Known Spammers
Known Yellow Page Numbers
Fight Back
User Ratings
$4.99/mo $39.99/yr
7-Day Free Trial
Mainly the US with Other Countries
Verification Code Identification
Database-Based Blocking
Custom Rules
Machine Learning
User Custom Numbers/Keywords
Fraud SMS Detection
2 Million
200 Million
Include number security, user ID,
address, etc
App Store: 4.5 / Google Play: 4.9
$3.99 mo / $34.99 yr
14 Day Trial
Mainly the US with Other Countries Included
Database-Based Blocking
User Custom Numbers/Keywords
All Unknown Calls Are Sent to Voicemail
App Store: 4.2
Google Play: 4.1
Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup

Wondering who's the real caller? RealCall has a completely free Reverse Phone Lookup service, which Firewall does not have. Simply enter the phone number you're trying to look up and your search results will show up instantly, including the owner's full name, carrier, address, and more. Fast and accurate.

Fraud SMS Detection

Fraud SMS Detection

Another highlight of RealCall is Fraud SMS Detection based on Machine Learning! It's a customized text message service that quickly and easily helps you detect scams and make your SMS inbox cleaner and safer. With this fantastic feature on, you'll be alerted immediately once a suspicious sender attempts to text you. A perfect way to avoid "Click Here" and tricky scammers!

Answer Bots

Answer Bots

In addition to those amazing features, there's an extra entertaining feature on RealCall, called Answer Bots. Once you receive a spam call, the answer bots will automatically play back the audio files or your custom recordings to chat with the caller. That's exactly what you can't expect on Firewall. With this fight-back feature, you no longer need to waste time and words. Always protect yourself from unwanted calls.

What Do Our Real Users Say About Us?


The best

— Ardetl, Feb 19

I recommend RealCall to anyone who gets spam text or calls. I used to get them all day long. Now the only people that contact me are people I want to talk to.


Wonderful App

— Mrsaz, Feb 29

I get tons of spam calls on my cellphone and this app has already started with the answer bots and screening of call for me! Love it


This is a great app!

— RichieRLP, Mar 19

I don't worry about robocalls anymore! Less headaches! It got to the point that I dreaded hearing my phone ring because of all the spam and autodialers I had been getting, but not any more!! Not since I got it!