(712) 888-8575

is a Robocall

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This number also appears as 712-888-8575, 7128888575, (712) 888-8575

  • Risk Level:very-high
  • Carrier:TELNYX
  • Location:Inwood, Iowa
  • Line Type:VOIP
  • Recording:
  • Transpript:

About Inwood

Iowa is a state located in the Midwest of the United States, bordering Minnesota to the north, Wisconsin and Illinois to the east, Missouri and Nebraska to the south, and South Dakota to the west. Known as the 'Hawkeye State', Iowa is famous for its vast plains and rich agricultural culture. Iowa's area code is 515 and its zip code starts at 50-52. Due to a large number of elderly people living in Iowa, there are many different types of fraudulent calls made there including phone scams related to Medicare and medical insurance. Realcall can be a useful tool for intercepting these fraudulent calls before they cause harm.

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  • No annoying calls!! Though it also silences all calls not in contacts. I’d like to get all calls from my local phone numbers.


  • I own my own aesthetics business, as well as I teach yoga. It is important for me to be able to stay in touch with my clients as well as my healthcare providers as I am chronically ill but this also leads to me having incessant phone calls that I waste time on. Bec I was literally losing my mind, and, starting to waste a lot of stress on said calls that didn\'t need to go through. If you are receiving too many Robo calls or too many spam calls. This is worth your money, especially if you own your own business.


  • Finally sanity! Thanks! No spam calls!


  • Well, so far, this is blocked all of the Robo calls and scam calls so I would definitely have to say that I am happy with this app.


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13 user reports for (712) 888-8575

Feb 22, 2023GeronimooreCaller Name: XfinityScam call

Caller pretended to be Xfinity rep offering promotional offers to my existing internet service contract. When asked if they can provide me my billing zip code to verify that they are indeed calling from Xfinity, the caller got rude and claimed that that would violate their privacy policies. I hang up.

Feb 13, 2023THywariCaller Name: Xfinity ScamGeneral spam

Xfinity offer to "renew my Internet service at a promotional rate" She sounded very professional, was not spooked when I asked if it was a scam call or for her employee ID, all pretty unusual for scam callers. I asked to be called back an hour later because I was starting a meeting, and she promptly called back an hour later. I hung up after googling the number and finding this page

Feb 8, 2023tgwms. treetopCaller Name: XfinitySurvey

Received a call from a very professional sounding person, she was very correct English, and was very respectful, which is unlike most of the scam calls I get. She said she was from Xfinity and said that they were going to continue my current pricing for the next 12 months. She she asked for my street address and phone number which I figured she already had those, should’ve said you already know, but didn’t And provided my information. Then she started talking about a bunch of benefits I would get and it was a really poor quality connection, I told her several times I couldn’t hear her and then she said it was on her end, and then the line went blank. I called the number back and it said Xfinity, which was very unusual, because scam calls usually say “ the number can’t be reached” or something like that. I was on a hold with them for 25 minutes with the messaging updates saying various things like your caller seven, expected wait time, six minutes and that went up and down and vatied for that whole 25 minutes. Very frustrated.

Feb 8, 2023PMLynnCaller Name: +17128888575General spam

Xfinity offer to renew my Internet service at a promotional rate. They said my service contract is expiring and they wanted to offer me a new promotion. I told them I did not recognize the phone number and would call Xfinity direct to see if this was a valid offer. She thanked me and hung up.

Jan 25, 2023scottfarkasCaller Name: spammerScam call

claimed to be with xfinity, i hung up on them and told them i would call official line

Dec 29, 2022Quincy@49Caller Name: Person claiming to be from XfinityScam call

Person with an indian accent, lots of noise in background as if in a customer call center, claimed to be from Xfinity stating my package had expired and offered me new package deal. He went through a bunch of package offer/ materials and asked if i wanted to renew my package. He wanted an answer right there immediately on the phone for renewal. I asked him to send me an email for the offer in the package, said he'd send it, he did and offered to look through what he emailed with me on the phone so that i can agree to it. i told him i don't have time and he hung up. i clicked on the emailed package and the link was expired even though the message at the bottom was expiration in 72hrs. The interesting thing was that this person had my name, address, email and account details/statements with xfinity up till my monthly payments for the past 6 months! Sounded legitimate. This is another scam for xfinity customers. I called xfinity and the only thing they can say is that their system is secured , they don't how this happened and at least my payment info was not infiltrated!! I was transferred to their security section to report this. Beware customers of xfinity!

Nov 16, 2022Myappleidcom2011Caller Name: Xfinity mobileGeneral spam

Called me offering 2 lines for $30, plus $100 gift card, $30 off my wifi. I was suspicious so they texted me a verification code then knew my address and how much my monthly bill for wifi was. They asked for my emi number to check compatibility, I didn't give it and asked to call me back tomorrow. I searched this number and got to RealCall, I called 712-888-8575 in Iowa and was promoted by Comcast

Nov 16, 2022AngelSandiCaller Name: XfinityGeneral spam

Call said it was from Iowa, wanting to sell a booster equipment package. Saying you are near your internet usage limit and that this would remove it the limit. I screwed with them until I asked for different speed package of which he said I had to call a different line so I said thank you and hung up.

Sep 20, 2022sig4neeCaller Name: XfinityScam call

I gave one word answers and they hung up on me.

Sep 9, 2022JJ The PriestCaller Name: Xfinity ScamScam call

Scammer said that they were from xfinity and offering a new package. Asked me to provide my personal data. I declined to give them that information.

Aug 24, 2022Hibby HobScam call

Fake Comcast impersonation scam by madarchod criminals phoning from India. This is a fake Comcast (or AT&T DirecTV, Spectrum, Dish Network) scam by criminals calling from India to steal your credit card, Social Security number, and personal identity information. The scam may begin with a pre-recorded message speaking English generated using text-to-speech translation software to disguise the origin of this India scam. The recording may say: "You can avail up to 50% discount on your Xfinity bills. Your promo code is..." or "I'm calling you from Comcast. This call is to let you know that your existing package with us has been qualified for 50% off along with some free upgrades." The India scammer pretends to be from Comcast, AT&T, Spectrum, or Dish Network and tells you that either your television/Internet service will be suspended due to unpaid fees, or they offer fake sales promotions, or they offer a service upgrade for a small fee, or they are in the returns department and you owe them money for equipment that you have not returned back to them. The fake promotion usually offers a special low rate for a 2-year or 3-year subscription, but you have to prepay $200 to $600 for the first 2 to 8 months in advance, and then the scammer asks for your credit card number or asks you to pay with prepaid eBay, Amazon, Google, or Best Buy gift cards or debit cards, giving the fake excuse that paying him with a prepaid card is "safer" than using a credit card. Prepaid cards are less traceable than credit card transactions so they are actually safer for the scammer. Some scammers also ask for your Social Security number "for verification purposes". If the scammer thinks you are really gullible, he may bait you even more by telling you that he will send a fake ACH "rebate" payment to your bank as a way to steal your bank account/routing number before telling you to buy prepaid debit/gift cards. Once the India scammers obtain prepaid debit/gift card numbers from you, the victim, they transfer them to a group of US-based "runners," who liquidate and launder the funds, either by buying resellable goods online or selling the gift cards via gift card resale sites to convert the gift cards to cash. Or the scammer says your Comcast service is going to be suspended due to a fake unpaid bill and again asks for your credit card number. About 55% of North America scam calls come from India and 40% come from the Philippines. India scammers run hundreds of fraud, extortion, and money laundering scams every day such as posing as a fake pharmacy, fake Social Security officer saying your benefits are suspended, IRS officer collecting on fake unpaid back taxes, debt collector threatening you for fake unpaid bills, fake bank/financial/FedEx/UPS/DHL scams, pretending to offer fake health insurance, car warranty, student loan forgiveness, credit card and debt consolidation services, posing as Amazon to falsely say an unauthorized purchase was made to your credit card or your Prime membership was auto-debited from your bank, posing as Microsoft/Dell/HP/Apple to say your account has been hacked or they detected a virus on your computer, fake "we are refunding your money" or "your account has been auto-debited" scams, fake Google/Alexa listing scams, posing as electric utilities, Verizon, AT&T, or Comcast, fake solar panel and home purchase offers, fake fundraisers asking for donations, fake phone surveys, and the scammers try to steal your credit card, bank account/routing number, Social Security number, and personal information. India scammers often rotate through fake Social Security, subscription auto-renewal, pharmacy, and pre-approved loan scams on the same day. Philippines scammers run more auto/home/health/life insurance, Social Security and Medicare identity theft, and fake charity donation scams. Scammers use disposable VoIP phone numbers (e.g. MagicJack devices) or they spoof fake names and numbers on Caller ID. Anyone can use telecom software to phone with a fake CID name and number. Scammers spoof thousands of fake 8xx toll-free numbers. CID is useless with scam calls unless the scam asks you to phone them back. CID area codes are never the origin of scam calls since scams use spoofed CID numbers from across the US and Canada, numbers belonging to unsuspecting people, invalid area codes, and fake foreign country CID numbers; e.g. fake women crying "help me" emergency scams often spoof Mexico and Middle East CID numbers. Scammers often spoof the actual phone numbers of businesses such as Apple, Verizon, and banks to trick you into thinking the call is valid. How can you avoid being scammed by phone calls? NEVER trust any unsolicited caller who: sells something (most unsolicited calls are scams so your odds of saving money are very poor); asks for your Social Security number; offers a free gift or reward; threatens you with arrest/lawsuit or says you need to reply back soon (pressure tactic); asks you to access a website, download a file, wire transfer money or buy prepaid debit/gift cards; claims suspicious activity on your account; says your subscription is being refunded or auto-renewed/auto-debited; and all pre-recorded messages. Recordings are far more likely to be malicious scams and not just telemarketer spam. All unsolicited callers with foreign accents, usually Indian or Filipino, are usually scams. Filipino scammers tend to speak better English than Indian scammers. Filipinos speak English with a subtle accent having a slight trill. Scams often say that you inquired about a job, insurance, social security benefits, or that you previously contacted them or visited their website. A common India scam plays a fake Amazon recording. Amazon account updates are emailed, not robo-dialed. Many banks use automated fraud alert calls to confirm a suspicious purchase, but verify the number that the recording tells you to phone or just call the number printed on your credit card. India scammers impersonate AT&T DirecTV, Comcast, or a cable/Internet company, offering fake discounts or service upgrades. Indians impersonate the IRS and Social Security Administration. The IRS/SSA never make unsolicited calls and never threaten to arrest you; they initiate contact via postal mail. Real lawsuits are not phoned in, especially not using pre-recorded threats lacking details; legal notices are mailed/couriered. The police, FBI, DEA never phone to threaten arrest; they show up in person with a warrant. Scammers try to gain your trust by saying your name when they call, but their autodialer automatically displays your name or says your name in a recording when your number is dialed using phone databases that list millions of names and addresses. Scammers often call using an initial recording speaking English, Spanish, or Chinese that is easily generated using text-to-speech translation software to disguise the origin of their India phone room. Some speech synthesis software sound robotic, but others sound natural. To hide their foreign accents, some India scammers use non-Indians in their phone room. Scammers often use interactive voice response (IVR) robotic software that combines voice recognition with artificial intelligence, speaks English with American voices, and responds based on your replies. IVR calls begin with: "Hi, this is fake_name, I am a fake_job_title on a recorded line, can you hear me okay?"; or "Hi, this is fake_name, how are you doing today?"; or "Hello? (pause) Are you there?"; or "Hi, may I speak to your_name?" IVR quickly asks you a short question to elicit a yes/no reply so it hangs up if it encounters voicemail. IVR robots understand basic replies and yes/no answers. To test for IVR, ask "How is the weather over there?" since IVR cannot answer complex questions and it keeps talking if you interrupt it in mid-sentence. IVR usually transfers you to the scammer, but some scams entirely use IVR with the robot asking for your credit card or SSN. A common myth is IVR calls record you saying "yes" so scammers can authorize purchases just using your "yes" voice, but scammers need more than just a recorded "yes" from you - credit cards and SSN. Phone/email scams share two common traits: the CID name/number and the "From:" header on emails are easily faked, and the intent of scam calls is malicious just as file attachments and website links on scam emails are harmful. Scams snowball for many victims. If your personal/financial data are stolen, either by being scammed, visiting a malicious website, or by a previous data breach of a business server that stores your data, then your data gets sold by scammers on the dark web who will see you as fresh meat and prey on you even more. This is why some receive 40+ scam calls everyday while others get 0 to 2 calls per day. If you provide your personal information to a phone scammer, lured by fake 80%-discounted drugs or scared by fake IRS officers, you receive even more phone scams and identity theft can take years to repair. Most unsolicited calls are scams, often with an Indian accent. No other country is infested with pandemics of phone room sweatshops filled with criminals who belong to the lowest India caste and many are thieves and rapists who were serving jail time but released early due to prison overcrowding. Scammers often shout profanities at you. Just laugh at their abusive language. Google "Hindi swear words" and memorize some favorites, e.g. call him "Rundi Ka Bacha" (son of whore) or call her "Rundi Ki Bachi" (daughter of whore). Scammers ignore the National Do-Not-Call Registry; asking scammers to stop calling is useless. You do these scammers a favor by quickly hanging up. But you ruin their scams when you slowly drag them along on the phone call, give them fake personal and credit card data (16 random digits starting with 4 for Visa, 5 for MasterCard), ask them to speak louder and repeat what they said to waste their time and energy.

Aug 6, 2022Mr GG soulCaller Name: XfinityScam call

Said it was xfinity. Called back to back and did not leave a message.

Jun 19, 2020BoopBooGirlCaller Name: Goodman Service Repair CenterScam call

Claim to be authorized LG Service Center calling to set up appts for Software Updates on Refrigerators.


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