(682) 282-6751

is a Fake Amazon Robocall

Date Blocked:

This number also appears as 682-282-6751, 6822826751, (682) 282-6751

  • Risk Level:very-high
  • Carrier:Bandwidth.com
  • Location:Arlington, Texas
  • Line Type:Landline
  • Recording:
  • Transpript:This is a confirmation call from Amazon regarding your purchase of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Apple AirPods, totaling $1,499. However, we have detected some suspicious activity in your account during the payment process. To cancel your order, please press one to speak with Amazon's fraud department. Thank you.

About Arlington

Arlington-Virginia is a city located in the state of Virginia, on the east coast of the United States. It borders Washington D.C. to the north and is located on the banks of the Potomac River. The city has a rich history and culture, with many nearby monuments and museums reflecting the historical importance of the region. The area code for Arlington-Virginia is 703 and zip code varies depending on specific location within the city. There are many fraudulent calls in Arlington-Virginia due to its proximity to Washington D.C., making it a common target for scammers looking to deceive elderly or vulnerable individuals. Common types of fraudulent calls include phone scams related to taxes, fake medical insurance or banking frauds. Realcall can be used to intercept fraudulent calls by using advanced technology to identify suspicious numbers and block them before they reach their intended recipient.

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  • Every spam call has been blocked since I’ve installed this app. I get 10-15 robocalls daily and never get distractions while I’m working or with family. Very happy with it.


  • No annoying calls!! Though it also silences all calls not in contacts. I’d like to get all calls from my local phone numbers.


  • I own my own aesthetics business, as well as I teach yoga. It is important for me to be able to stay in touch with my clients as well as my healthcare providers as I am chronically ill but this also leads to me having incessant phone calls that I waste time on. Bec I was literally losing my mind, and, starting to waste a lot of stress on said calls that didn\'t need to go through. If you are receiving too many Robo calls or too many spam calls. This is worth your money, especially if you own your own business.


  • Finally sanity! Thanks! No spam calls!


  • Well, so far, this is blocked all of the Robo calls and scam calls so I would definitely have to say that I am happy with this app.


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