(800) 353-5920

is a Robocall

Date Blocked:

This number also appears as 800-353-5920, 8003535920, (800) 353-5920

  • Risk Level:very-high
  • Location:Countrywide
  • Line Type:TOLL-FREE
  • Owner’s Name:Telemarketer
  • Recording:
  • Transpript:Hello? Julie Perkins. Hello? Is this Julie Perkins speaking? If you're able to access your account, can you confirm that I am speaking to the right person? Hello, sir.

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  • Every spam call has been blocked since I’ve installed this app. I get 10-15 robocalls daily and never get distractions while I’m working or with family. Very happy with it.


  • No annoying calls!! Though it also silences all calls not in contacts. I’d like to get all calls from my local phone numbers.


  • I own my own aesthetics business, as well as I teach yoga. It is important for me to be able to stay in touch with my clients as well as my healthcare providers as I am chronically ill but this also leads to me having incessant phone calls that I waste time on. Bec I was literally losing my mind, and, starting to waste a lot of stress on said calls that didn\'t need to go through. If you are receiving too many Robo calls or too many spam calls. This is worth your money, especially if you own your own business.


  • Finally sanity! Thanks! No spam calls!


  • Well, so far, this is blocked all of the Robo calls and scam calls so I would definitely have to say that I am happy with this app.


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20 user reports for (800) 353-5920

Apr 6, 2023Return61255Caller Name: LMAOGeneral spam


Mar 21, 2023Chuck 47General spam

its my credit card

Mar 4, 2023moderndayceltCaller Name: Indigo cardGeneral spam


Feb 25, 2023DisneyFan7290General spam

keep it blocked

Feb 2, 2023Bella2937Caller Name: Customer service billingGeneral spam

Billing and Payments

Jan 28, 2023Rev. Dr. BillCaller Name: Debt collectorsScam call

Very old debt

Jan 18, 2023iPhone_User_712Caller Name: Genesis FS card servicesNonprofit

Calls too frequently/ up to 3-4 times daily, but not spam…

Jan 10, 2023adscott food fisherCaller Name: WayfairNonprofit

Another number is 800-229-0364

Jan 5, 2023Casper1107General spam


Dec 15, 2022iamrealluckyCaller Name: Mario’s PizzaTelemarketing call

No idea about Mario’s Pizza!!

Dec 14, 2022No Mo SpamCaller Name: Personal callGeneral spam

Paid in full

Dec 11, 2022h.c.laveenCaller Name: OkGeneral spam

It’s important message

Dec 8, 2022DollyejhCaller Name: Area 51General spam

You should not be calling this

Dec 6, 2022SmcmanCaller Name: KirillGeneral spam

Hello how are you I am I hope your day is good

Dec 5, 2022dianadif88Caller Name: KkTelemarketing call


Nov 30, 2022Mygurl$elah!Caller Name: Bank.govGeneral spam

Pay your bill or you will get cops at your home

Nov 26, 2022Taylormade713General spam


Nov 13, 2022pinoyguy1667Caller Name: Bank scamTelemarketing call

They well ask u what is your bank number

Nov 10, 2022IronGrooseCaller Name: PizzaSurvey


Nov 5, 2022mmorganwhiteGeneral spam



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