(800) 937-8997

is a Other Spam

Date Blocked:

This number also appears as 800-937-8997, 8009378997, (800) 937-8997

  • Risk Level:very-high
  • Location:Countrywide
  • Line Type:TOLL-FREE
  • Owner’s Name:Phone Carrier
  • Recording:
  • Transpript:Hello T-Mobile, here with your requested call back. If you're ready, press one and we'll get you right over to a representative. If you need more...

Just last week, people got RealCall protection!

  • Every spam call has been blocked since I’ve installed this app. I get 10-15 robocalls daily and never get distractions while I’m working or with family. Very happy with it.


  • No annoying calls!! Though it also silences all calls not in contacts. I’d like to get all calls from my local phone numbers.


  • I own my own aesthetics business, as well as I teach yoga. It is important for me to be able to stay in touch with my clients as well as my healthcare providers as I am chronically ill but this also leads to me having incessant phone calls that I waste time on. Bec I was literally losing my mind, and, starting to waste a lot of stress on said calls that didn\'t need to go through. If you are receiving too many Robo calls or too many spam calls. This is worth your money, especially if you own your own business.


  • Finally sanity! Thanks! No spam calls!


  • Well, so far, this is blocked all of the Robo calls and scam calls so I would definitely have to say that I am happy with this app.


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20 user reports for (800) 937-8997

Feb 19, 2023John 4423Caller Name: T mobileGeneral spam


Feb 14, 2023Feline helperCaller Name: T-MobileSurvey

Support Services

Feb 11, 2023jd2020Caller Name: Phone number port out takeover scamScam call

Takeover scam to intercept security codes on financial accounts

Jan 23, 2023LadyLuck099Caller Name: T MobileGeneral spam

Customer service

Dec 17, 2022OutlawjediScam call

In Chinese. Knows your name and will try to scam you

Oct 16, 2022Ace-SaxtonCaller Name: T-mobileGeneral spam

Allowed for communion

Sep 8, 2022StevenGSRCaller Name: T-MobileGeneral spam

I have been waiting for this call for 5 HOURS and made sure it was allowed but for some reason RealCall didn’t let it through!!! I checked to make sure all ringers were on and because it’s an 800 number I cannot call back and possibly get the person I was waiting to hear from! Hi m very p****d off as I’ve been waiting on so many other things I have to do and now im s******. Very strongly thinking of cancelling my subscription to RealCall as this has happened before despite me having made sure the number was ‘allowed’and sounds were all on!

Sep 6, 2022Jackie EWCaller Name: T-MobileSurvey


Sep 2, 2022BlondieslgGeneral spam

Maybe T mobile

Aug 27, 2022MILENAGODOY1475Survey


Aug 25, 2022DonderlyteCaller Name: UknGeneral spam


Jul 12, 2022Reverend Tim PageGeneral spam

pretending to be JPMorgan bank

Jul 9, 2022MacK491Survey

t-mobile cust repzzz

Jul 6, 2022BR five four nineGeneral spam

call back from t mobile

Jun 29, 2022Ola AnnCaller Name: NuisanceGeneral spam

Don’t know person

Jun 11, 2022Tim macieCaller Name: Not SpamGeneral spam

T Moblie

May 9, 2022PBCGMAGeneral spam


May 6, 2022Gal CajunCaller Name: SusanScam call

Block and ignore if you want nothing to do with them

May 4, 2022bubbles 923General spam

I don’t want anything to do with this person

Apr 29, 2022laveijaGeneral spam

I was promised last night that I would get a callback from T-Mobile to try to help me resolve my problem this is now the second time I had to wait two days to get a callback and nobody called back if this is the way you treat customers you no good because I treat my customers that way they wouldn’t be around very long


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