(844) 770-1517

is a General spam

Date Blocked:

This number also appears as 844-770-1517, 8447701517, (844) 770-1517

  • Line Type:Toll Free
  • Owner’s Name:Debt Collector
  • Recording:
  • Transpript:Hello. My name is Christian, and I'm calling on behalf of Northwest Naturals. Can you hear me? Oh, it appears that you are experiencing some connectivity issues. We will try again later. Have a great day.

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4 user reports for (844) 770-1517

Sep 29, 2022Aloha Honey GrlCaller Name: Private NumberGeneral spam

9/29/22 at 10:57 a.m. First call was from some guy named Steve he went to ask me if I was at home and that he was sending someone to serve me with papers. I asked him papers from who and then he said he could not disclose that information. So I hung up.. 9/28/22 at 10:57 I rejected the call. 9/28/22 at 11:00a.m. I rejected the call and they Some voice with a different named, Eddy Lott with the county process service dispatch for case number 2022-101599. Calling that attempts to issue certified legal documents requiring my signature. He said if I would not be available to sign I need to contact the issuing firm handling my case at (844) 770-1517. Bogus I check my credit score and monitor my credit activity regularly, so please tell me what debit you trying to collect.

Sep 29, 2022Shooting 9ballCaller Name: Lynwood & AssociatesGeneral spam

Called at 10:35 am from a private number. Said they wanted to serve me with papers. I asked what for and they gave me a number, 844-770-1517, case number 2022-108718. They said to contact. I do not have any debt so piss off for scaring me. It is a scam!

Sep 28, 2022BartyGoosieCaller Name: AnonymousGeneral spam

Called using a private number said there was pending case number and I had some papers that I needed to sign and they were gonna serve me with them. Told me to call 844-770-1517 number. First of all, if it's legal stuff they wouldn't call you from a private number and second they won't tell you to call another number. Screw you!

Sep 28, 2022SassylexieCaller Name: UnknownGeneral spam

Left voicemail saying they have authorized a arrest warrant through my local police, told me to call 844 number.

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