(650) 645-9664

is a Social Security Phishing Robocal

Date Blocked:

This number also appears as 650-645-9664, 6506459664, (650) 645-9664

  • Risk Level:very-high
  • Carrier:Level 3
  • Location:San Mateo, California
  • Line Type:Landline
  • Recording:
  • Transpript:Due to your failure to pay the past due charges on your debt collection account, we now have the legal right to file a wage garnishment under your name and Social Security number. If you wish to resolve this matter without any further action, please contact our office directly at area code 650-645-9664. Thank you.

About San Mateo

San Mateo is a city located in San Mateo County, California. It is located on the Pacific coast and is surrounded by hills and mountains. The city has a rich diverse culture with a large number of restaurants, shops, and historic places to visit. The area code for San Mateo is 650 and the zip code varies depending on the location within the city. San Mateo-California is a common target for fraudulent calls due to its high population and thriving economy. Common types of fraudulent calls include phone scams, unwanted robocalls, identity theft, and phishing attempts. Realcall can help intercept these fraudulent calls using advanced technology that automatically identifies suspicious calls.

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13 user reports for (650) 645-9664

Mar 28, 2023aviatrr432General spam

Left a voicemail saying they have the legal right to file a wage garnishment under my name and social security number unless I called them back at a number different than what showed on caller id.

Oct 12, 2022ProtekieCaller Name: 865-645-9664General spam

due to filing to pay your past due charge of a debt collection account we don't have to legal right to file a wage garnishment under your name and social security number if u want to resolve this matter with out any further action contact this office directly @area code 650-645-9964 and they called me on my job as well this is harassments they are not aloud to call u on your job i look this number up on google and it said this is a scam on 10/12/22 they also use a number to call from 1-504-375-2123 and 1-833-213-1853 they call and harsh u all day long

Oct 11, 2022Environment ChangeCaller Name: No Business Name GivenGeneral spam

Wanted call back stated is authorized to garnish wages and file charges for an arrest warrant unless debt paid immediately

Oct 6, 2022rehfhjdfgfhhCaller Name: 650-645-9664Scam call

They never mentioned my name or the company they are calling on behalf of. Good try!! Hopefully others aren’t conned into calling. Be smart! “Due to _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ to pay your past due charge of debt collection account we _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ have the legal right to find a wage garnishment under your name and Social Security number if you want to resolve this matter without any further action contact our office directly at area code 650-645-9664 thank you…”

Aug 3, 2022Happy 70 Yrs+Caller Name: No name givenScam call

Left VM mumbled something about my social security number and if I wanted to resolve this matter before they took legal action had to call 650-645-9664 Immediately or less

Jul 26, 2022Ace-SaxtonCaller Name: Global ...General spam

They said I owed on an old payday loan that was less than $500 but now it's $1700. I haven't used a payday loan in 15 years. Believe they are using old public data to scam people to pay I don't know why they'd wait 15 years to finally threaten to put it on my credit report lol.

Jul 11, 2022Obxsunshine58Caller Name: +1 (712) 308-7820Scam call

This is the message I got on my voicemail. I have received the same message from multiple numbers that I keep blocking. Not sure if it’s real bc I don’t have any debt… “Due to billing to pay your past due charge of debt collection account we don't have the legal right to find a wage garnishment under your name and Social Security number if you want to resolve this matter without any further action contact office directly at area code 650-645-9664 thank you…”

Jul 8, 2022#letsplayCaller Name: Wage garnishment for debtScam call

Answered and heard a recording I was going to have my wages garnished for a debt unpaid but called from 986-200-0020 and left this number as callback.

Jun 13, 2022GhackjrCaller Name: Global blahGeneral spam

Said my wages were going to be garnished from cash net USA well damn it was dismissed in bankruptcy in 2013 cash net has been warned now I am going to sue these bastards for violation of the bankruptcy laws these collections agency will be out of business also.IAM DONE!!!!!

Jun 7, 2022miss ann 52Caller Name: 650-645-9664General spam

Called saying I owe a payday loan to Cashnet taken out in 2015 and that they were going to garnish my wedges. Told me I would have to pay 1000 and something if they go to court or settle for 300 and something now. How do I owe 1000 plus but you want 300 something to settle today. How would you make your money? Doesn’t make any sense

Jun 3, 2022My small handy BibleGeneral spam

They called me saying I owe a cash advance loan! Lies! I told him I don’t owe nothing talking bt that’s beside the point we got all your information smh I hung up sick of scammers this is illegal ain’t it

May 20, 2022boren2003Caller Name: Global 'something'General spam

Someone called from a "scam alert" number saying I owe a past debt to a cash advance place. It was a recording saying they were going to garnish my paycheck and to call their 650 number. I called back and they said for me to arrange for payment immediately t take care of this (phony) debt. I told them I keep a record of all debts I have paid off with company letters stating that fact, cause I know there will always be someone trying to scam me! THIS IS A SCAM!!! ALWAYS KEEP PROOF OF ANY DEBTS YOU PAID OFF! I actually got taken to court with a legit company, who ignored the fact I had paid them, the judge dismissed the case cause I had proof of my payment and their letter stating "paid in full". Real garnishments & etc will always come in the mail or from your companies payroll dept - NOT by text, email or phone call!

May 18, 2022rob sjcGeneral spam

Received call claiming a failure to pay past due charge on debt collection account and that my wages could be legally subject to garnishment under my name and SSN. Advised me to call the 650 source number to discuss and resolve the matter. This is bogus.


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