(848) 404-5915

is a Phishing Robocall

Date Blocked:

This number also appears as 848-404-5915, 8484045915, (848) 404-5915

  • Risk Level:very-high
  • Carrier:Onvoy
  • Location:Belmar, New Jersey
  • Line Type:Landline
  • Recording:
  • Transpript:Hi, is Chris there? Highest Chris there? I'm sorry? Is the lady or the man of the house there, please?

About Belmar

Belmar-New Jersey is a coastal city located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The city is situated on the Atlantic coast and is known for its beaches and surf culture. The area code for Belmar-New Jersey is 732 and the zip code is 07719. Due to its tourist location, Belmar-New Jersey has been subject to numerous fraudulent calls related to tourism scams such as fake accommodation offers or vacation packages. There are also reports of fraudulent calls pretending to be from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or local electric companies trying to trick residents into paying fake bills. To intercept these fraudulent calls, residents can use Realcall, a mobile application that uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify and block suspicious calls.

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  • Every spam call has been blocked since I’ve installed this app. I get 10-15 robocalls daily and never get distractions while I’m working or with family. Very happy with it.


  • No annoying calls!! Though it also silences all calls not in contacts. I’d like to get all calls from my local phone numbers.


  • I own my own aesthetics business, as well as I teach yoga. It is important for me to be able to stay in touch with my clients as well as my healthcare providers as I am chronically ill but this also leads to me having incessant phone calls that I waste time on. Bec I was literally losing my mind, and, starting to waste a lot of stress on said calls that didn\'t need to go through. If you are receiving too many Robo calls or too many spam calls. This is worth your money, especially if you own your own business.


  • Finally sanity! Thanks! No spam calls!


  • Well, so far, this is blocked all of the Robo calls and scam calls so I would definitely have to say that I am happy with this app.


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2 user reports for (848) 404-5915

May 12, 2022Anita MarleneGeneral spam

Latest call from "Is the head of the household there?" guy from yet another random number. Says name is Glenn or Gary or Mike. Claims to be collecting to support military and public safety officers killed and injured in the line of duty. Asks if he can send me an envelope to make a donation. When asked for a website, hangs up. Calls several times a month. Have reported to FTC several times.

May 9, 2022all nighter01General spam

They ask "Is Melissa there" then "Maybe you can help me" spam, shows up as your town

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